STM32CubeMX release note

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

STM32CubeMX 6.9.0 - MPU support[edit]

Main updates

  • The bundled JRE™ is Adoptium® Temurin™ 17.0.6 and JavaFX-17.0.2

Main fixes

  • 155060 - [STM32CubeMX] [RCC] PLL2R initialization not generated in device tree.
  • 141444 - Keep ST boards compatibility in DT when selecting a project from Board selector
  • 136275 - [DTGen] SocAllIPs IOCs do not compile due to missing driver in OSTL

STM32CubeMX for Linux®, Windows® and macOS ®

Version 6.9.0

  • Download the preferred all-in-one installer from
    • Generic Linux® installer - STM32CubeMX-Lin
    • Windows® installer - STM32CubeMX-Win
    • macOS® installer - STM32CubeMX-Mac
Installation guide
  • Refer to the installation guide section of the STM32CubeMX user manual (UM1718) available on
User manual
  • When the installation is completed, see additional information about STM32CubeMX from in the STM32CubeMX user manual (UM1718)
Detailed release note
  • Details about the content of this tool version are available in the STM32CubeMX release 6.9.0 release note from

Minor releases may be available from the update site.