Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

1 STM32PRGFW-UTIL overview[edit]

This article describes STM32PRGFW-UTIL, an official STMicroelectronics firmware package for One-time Programmable (OTP) management.

1.1 Applicability[edit]

The STM32PRGFW-UTIL applies to STM32MP13x lines More info.png and STM32MP15x lines More info.png.

1.2 Package overview[edit]

STM32PROGFW-UTIL provides multiple applications to manage the One-time Programmable (OTP) memories.

  • Functionalities are available through 4 applications
    • STM32CubeProgrammer based application
    • Standalone STM32CubeIDE based application
    • 2 other applications for development purpose
      • UART configuration for the Standalone application
      • Run mode for STM32CubeProgrammer application
  • Features
    • STM32CubeProgrammer based application (in Serial boot mode)
      • OTP v2 structure
      • STM32CubeProgrammer UART interface and USB DFU
    • OTP Console based application (in Dev boot mode)
      • OTP CLI implemented based on STM32CubeProgrammer OTP CLI with OTP v2 structure
      • UART and STM32CubeIDE Semihosting interface
Warning white.png Warning
Dependency with STM32CubeIDE v1.10.0 for the projects ( compilation issue with older versions) .


The, included in the package, is a complete document that describes:

  • the Software architecture and design of STM32PRGFW-UTIL.
  • how to use the STM32PRGFW-UTIL firmware package

2 How to get STM32PRGFW-UTIL[edit]

Refer to the following link to find STM32PRGFW-UTIL firmware package.