1 STM32CubeIDE[edit]

1.1 Overview[edit]

From its release 1.1.0 available on, STM32CubeIDE provides support for STM32 MPU family.

The features previously proposed in STM32-CoPro-MPU plugin for SW4STM32 IDE are now integrated within STM32Cube ecosystem meaning that now launching STM32CubeIDE, you can:

  • select an STM32 MPU or an STM32 MPU board,
  • configure it, thanks to embedded STM32CubeMX features
  • generate your project
  • compile it
  • debug it

This release addresses the Cortex®-M located inside the STM32MP1 Series.

It provides:

  • target status widget, useful to be aware of the target device when debugging in production mode
  • console management, for automatic port detection
  • Cortex®-M project creation, compilation and debug in two modes:
    • engineering mode, with Cortex®-M firmware download via JTAG/SWD
    • production mode, with Cortex®-M firmware download :
      • via Ethernet link to the LAN or point-to-point
      • via Ethernet-over-USB for point-to-point connection
  • remote target path project property (for production mode)
  • remote system explorer configuration

It is available on Linux® and Windows® platforms.

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1.2 Eclipse perspectives[edit]

1.2.1 Device configuration tool[edit]

MX perspective provides STM32CubeMX feature for STM32 MPU family.

CreateProject MX Cube2.png

1.2.2 C/C++[edit]

C/C++ perspective allows to build a cortex-M project for STM32MP1 boards.

CreateProject CreateWizard BuildProject Cube3.png

1.2.3 Debug[edit]

Debug configurations menu allows to select production or engineering mode.

Debug DebugConfiguration DebuggerTab ProductionMode.png

1.3 Documentation[edit]

Additional information about the STM32CubeIDE is available on