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DCMIPP ISP example utility

Applicable for STM32MP25x lines

1. Overview[edit source]

The DCMIPP ISP example utility named "dcmipp-isp-ctrl" is a software utility developed by STMicroelectronics to demonstrate the DCMIPP ISP capabilities regarding image correction based on STMicroelectronics basic correction algorithms. Refer to How to use the DCMIPP ISP article to have some details on how to implement such an utility and put in place your own custom correction algorithms.

2. Usage[edit source]

DCMIPP ISP Control application
-g, --gain                  Update the Sensor Gain and Exposure (AutoExposure)
-c, --contrast TYPE         Set the contrast
                            TYPE  0 : None
                                  1 :  50%
                                  2 : 200%
                                  3 : Dynamic
-i, --illuminant TYPE       Apply settings (black level, color conv, exposure) for a specific illuminant
                            TYPE  0 : D50 (daylight)
                                  1 : TL84 (fluo lamp)
-s, --stat                  Read the stat
-S, --STAT                  Read the stat continuously
--help                      Display usage
-v                          Verbose output

3. Examples[edit source]

Refer to V4L2 camera image correction article for examples of usage.

4. References[edit source]

Code is available here: dcmipp-isp-ctrl