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How to verify the hardware video decoder and encoder activities

Applicable for STM32MP25x lines

In order to verify that VDEC and/or VENC hardware accelerator is well involved when decoding and/or encoding, one can check the number of interrupts. One interrupt is raised at each frame decoding/encoding.

 gst-play-1.0 v_vp8_640x480_30fps.webm 
 cat /proc/interrupts | grep vdec
86:        300          0 GIC-0 149 Level     480d0000.vdec

300 interrupts for 10s of video at 30fps.

 gst-launch-1.0 videotestsrc num-buffers=300 ! video/x-raw, width=640, height=480, framerate=30/1 ! encodebin profile="video/x-vp8" ! matroskamux ! filesink location=v_vp8_640x480_30fps.webm
 cat /proc/interrupts | grep venc
87:        300          0 GIC-0 199 Level     480e0000.venc

300 interrupts for 300 frames encoded.

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More trace and debug information can be found in the article V4L2 video codec overview.