How to monitor the display framerate

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

When an animation is running on the display, the related framerate can be monitored from the display driver level thanks to the command:

 (while true; do export fps=`cat /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/state | grep fps -m1 | grep -o '[0-9]\+'`; echo display ${fps}fps; sleep 4; done) &

The display framerate is then periodically output in the user console in "fps" (frames per second):

display 50fps
display 50fps
display 50fps


  • Stop monitoring the framerate with the command "kill -9 `ps -o ppid= -C sleep`".
  • Adjust the framerate update period by modifying the "sleep" value (4 seconds in the example).
  • Use the command "dmesg -n8" to mix both user and kernel console outputs.
  • Debugfs configuration needs to be enabled.