STM32CubeIDE release note

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

STM32CubeIDE - MPU support[edit]

This release of STM32CubeIDE provides support for the Cortex®-M core contained in the STM32MP1 Series, but also support for projects running on Cortex®-A: OpenSTLinux-v4.0 projects and Linux® user space projects.

It provides for Cortex®-M

  • STM32MP1 sample or board selection,
  • Device configuration,
  • Target Status widget, with visibility management,
  • Console management with capability to manually set up non-ST console instead of automatic detection,
  • Cortex®-M project creation, compilation and debug in two modes:
    • Engineering mode, with Cortex®-M firmware download via JTAG/SWD,
    • Production mode, with Cortex®-M firmware download :
      • Via Ethernet link to the LAN or point to point,
      • Via Ethernet-over-USB for point-to-point connection,
  • Live variable watch view,
  • System analysis and real-time tracing (SWV),
  • Check of ST-LINK firmware version,
  • SFRs view support for register access,
  • Remote target path project property (for production mode),
  • Remote system explorer configuration

Release also brings support for OpenSTLinux-v4.0 projects on Linux® workstation only, including:

  • Installation of Yocto SDK: embedded or external to STM32CubeIDE,
  • Installation of OpenSTLinux projects Sources:
    • Linux®, project with:
      • Standard build target (such as all, dtb, module and others), including STM32CubeMX-generated device tree,
      • Support for running target update via "STM32 Cortex-A Linux Deployment" running configuration,
    • TF-A project with standard build target including FIP image generation
    • U-boot project with standard build target
    • OP-TEE project with standard build target
      • Support for OP-TEE Trusted Application creation and debug - NEW

and also creation, build and debug of Linux® user space project types including:

  • executable
  • static library
  • shared library

STM32 MPU support inside STM32CubeIDE is available on Linux® and Windows® host PCs, but it is NOT on macOS®.

STM32CubeIDE for Linux® host PC STM32CubeIDE for Windows® host PC


  • Download the preferred all-in-one Linux installer from
    • Generic Linux Installer - STM32CubeIDE-Lnx
    • RPM Linux Installer - STM32CubeIDE-RPM
    • Debian Linux Installer - STM32CubeIDE-DEB


  • Download the all-in-one Windows installer from
    • Windows Installer - STM32CubeIDE-Win
Installation guide
User manual
  • When the installation is completed, see additional information about STM32CubeIDE in
    • STM32CubeIDE quick start guide (UM2553)
Detailed release note
  • Details about the content of this tool version are available in the STM32CubeIDE release v1.10.0 release note from

Minor releases may be available from the update site. Check chapter 10 in (UM2609) for more information on how to update STM32CubeIDE.