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Applicable for STM32MP15x lines

MB1262 board overview.

1 Board overview

Motherboard MB1262, revision C-0.1: part of the STM32MP157x-EV1 Evaluation board More info green.png.

EthernetMicrophone MEMS daughterboard connectorAudio codec (Wolfson WM8994)Audio codec speakerAudio codec headsetSPDIF RX (input)SPDIF TX (output)SmartCardCamera connectorEthernet daughterboard connector2 x Samtec connectors (daughterboard)NAND FlashTrace connectorRGB LTDC connectorRS232External E2P connectorUSB micro-AB (OTG)Quad SPI FlashJTAG connectorCAN FD (Flexible Datarate)4 x USB Type-A (host)MFX header 4 pinsMFX (Multi Function eXpander)DSI LCD connectorReset buttonJoystickMotor control connectorGPIO expansion
MB1262 front side (picture is not contractual)

MB1262 back side (picture is not contractual)

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MB1262 schematics