PRG-TOOLBOX-FB release note

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Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

PRG-TOOLBOX-FB is an open-source tool provided by STMicroelectronics. This tool is designed to take advantage of Fastboot high transfer bandwidth, to write into external flash memory (like eMMC, SDMMC…).
Fastboot (FB) is a protocol that was originally created for Android™ and is primarily used to modify the flash filesystem via a USB connection from a host computer.

The tool is a wrapper for Fastboot. It is specifically designed for STM32 MPU products.

More information can be found in the detailed release notes referenced later in this article.

1. PRG-TOOLBOX-FB - Version v1.0.0[edit source]

PRG-TOOLBOX-FB for STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs More info.png.

Version v1.0.0

  • PRG-TOOLBOX-FB open-source tool is available here from GitHub repository
  • To use PRG-TOOLBOX-FB, clone the package on your computer and compile the project with C++11 compiler. (Pre-configured Qt® project is provided)
  • Then refer to this article, to use this tool.
  • Flash memory partitions over Fastboot interface
  • Supported devices: STM32MP1 series
  • Supported target memory: SD card, eMMC
  • Platform: Windows and Linux®