STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution

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STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution is a set of software (STM32MPU Embedded Software architecture overview), system build and development tools created to ease the development to be done on top of STM32 MPU devices.

STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution includes:

  • a Linux® distribution, running on the Arm® Cortex®-A processor(s) : OpenSTLinux distribution
  • a STM32CubeMPU Package, running on the Arm® Cortex®-M processor : STM32CubeMP1 Package. Only supported for STM32MP15x lines More info.png

OpenSTLinux distributionSTM32CubeMP1 Package - Only for STM32MP15STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution

STM32 supported device Ecosystem release note Boards Starter Package Developer Package Distribution Package
STM32MP13 STM32 MPU ecosystem release note Discovery kits STM32MP13 Discovery kits - Starter Package STM32MP1 Developer Package STM32MP1 Distribution Package
STM32MP15 STM32 MPU ecosystem release note Evaluation boards STM32MP15 Evaluation boards - Starter Package STM32MP1 Developer Package STM32MP1 Distribution Package
Discovery kits STM32MP15 Discovery kits - Starter Package

If you are not yet familiar with the STM32MPU Embedded Software Packages, please read this article Which Package better suits your needs.


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