Audio codecs hardware components

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Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

1. Article purpose[edit source]

The purpose of this article is to:

  • list the audio codec hardware components that might be integrated in the different STM32MPU boards
  • link these components to the corresponding software framework(s)
  • point to the datasheet(s) of these components
  • explain, when necessary, how to configure these components.

2. Software frameworks[edit source]

Domain Peripheral Software components Comment
OP-TEE Linux STM32Cube
Audio Wolfson wm8994 ALSA framework DAC & ADC audio codec
Audio Cirrus cs42l51 ALSA framework DAC & ADC audio codec
Audio Silab sil9022 ALSA framework HDMI transmitter
Audio ST MP34DT01-M ALSA framework Digital microphone

3. Wolfson wm8994[edit source]

The WM8994 is a highly integrated ultra-low power hi-fi CODEC rich in multimedia features.

For details and the datasheet please contact the WM8994 codec provider.

3.1. Linux driver[edit source]

Bindings: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/wm8994.txt


4. Cirrus cs42l51[edit source]

The CS42L51 is a highly integrated, 24-bit, low-power stereo CODEC.

For details and the datasheet please contact the CS42L51 codec provider.

4.1. Linux driver[edit source]

Bindings: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/cirrus,cs42l51.yaml

Sources: sound/soc/codecs/cs42l51.c

5. Silab sil9022[edit source]

The SiI9022A HDMI transmitter supports the HDMI® Specification on a wide range of mobile products.

For details and the datasheet please contact the SiI9022A HDMI transmitter provider.

5.1. Linux driver[edit source]

Bindings: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/sil,sii9022.yaml

Sources: drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/sii902x.c

6. ST MP34DT01-M[edit source]

The MP34DT01-M is an ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone.


6.1. Linux driver[edit source]

Bindings: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/sound/dmic.txt

Sources: sound/soc/codecs/dmic.c