Introduction to Secure manufacturing

1. What is the Secure manufacturing

Outsourcing of product manufacturing enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reduce their direct costs and concentrate on high-added-value activities, such as research and development, sales, and marketing.

However, contract manufacturing puts the OEM's proprietary assets at risk, and since the contract manufacturer (CM) manipulates the OEM's intellectual property (IP), it might appear or be appropriated by other customers.

To meet the new market security requests and protect customers against any leakage of their IPs, STMicroelectronics introduces a new security concept, secure firmware install (SFI), permitting programming of OEM firmware into STM32 MCU internal Flash memory or external non-volatile memories in a secure way (with confidentiality, authentication and integrity checks).

STM32 Series devices support protection mechanisms that protect critical operations (such as cryptography algorithms) and critical data (such as secret keys) against unauthorized access.