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How to start with DA access on STM32H573-TrustZone disabledClock.png60min

Target description

Through this practical example the user will learn how to perform the following operations

  • Perform the provisioning and install the firmware files
  • Execute the installed firmware
  • Perform a full regression with Password Authentication method

This DA Step by step tutorial is divided in four steps

  • Step 1 : Debug Authentication Configuration
  • Step 2 : Initial Option Bytes programming
  • Step 3 : Code image generation and flashing
  • Step 4 : Full regression



  • Discovery board STM32H573I-DK. (or NUCLEO board NUCLEO-H563ZI)
Warning white.png Warning
If you are using a STM32H563 device, the process is the same but you must use this default folder:


Required tools

  • STM32CubeProgrammer[1] Software programming tool for STM32 (v2.13.0 min)
    • Including STM32TrustedPackageCreator
Info white.png Information
TPC installed together with CubeProgrammer in bin folder located in default STM32CubeProgrammer path : C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\STM32Cube\STM32CubeProgrammer\bin You can pin this tool to task bar to simplify the DA How to process :

Security PinToTask.png

  • STM32Cube_FW_H5_V1.0.0 [2] or upper
  • IAR Embedded Workbench v9.20.1 or upper
  • Tera Term or equivalent UART Terminal emulator


Environment setup

Before starting, the first step is to prepare the environment to be able to go through the DA process.

  • Download the STM32CubeH5 package and install it
Warning white.png Warning
Place STM32CubeFW_H5 Cube firmware close to the C: root to avoid a long Windows® path.

An STM32H573I-DK directory is included in the Projects directory:

Security PATH STM32Cube FW H5 V1.0.0.png
Warning white.png Warning
In case the STM32CubeProgrammer has not been installed in the default folder, the customized installation paths need to be updated in the following script :Projects\STM32H573I-DK\ROT_Provisioning\env.bat (or Projects\NUCLEO-H563ZI\ROT_Provisioning\env.bat if you are using a STM32H563 device)
:: ==============================================================================
::                               General
:: ==============================================================================
:: Configure tools installation path
set stm32programmercli="C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\STM32Cube\STM32CubeProgrammer\bin\STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe"
set stm32tpccli="C:\Program Files\STMicroelectronics\STM32Cube\STM32CubeProgrammer\bin\STM32TrustedPackageCreator_CLI.exe"

1. Introduction

This article shows an example of Debug Authentication use case for STM32H573 devices with TrustZone disabled.

This article is based on the STM32CubeH5 package example for STM32H573 MCUs.

Warning white.png Warning
If you are using a STM32H563 device, the OEM-iROT process is the same but you must use the files examples in the corresponding folders


2. DA Step by step : Provisioning script

In this chapter we will run the provisioning.bat script located in

The provided provisioning script will

  1. Configure the DA on the device
  2. Set the option bytes of the device
  3. Set the final chosen product state according user selection
SECURITY DA PATH Provisioning script.png

  • Connect the board and verify with STM32CubeProgrammer that TZ is disabled, and product state is Open
  • Run the provided provisioning.bat script (double click)
  • The script asks if Trustzone feature is enabled : answer no

The next step to be done is indicated: Debug Authentication configuration. The following paragraph describes how to complete this step .

Warning white.png Warning
Don’t close the provisioning script window.

2.1. Step 1 : Debug Authentication configuration

At this step the file DA_ConfigWithPassword.obk will be generated in DA\Binary folder. This file is used to configure the conditions to trig regression of production state from PROVISIONNED/CLOSED to OPEN. A default file is provided in the STM32CubeFW_H5 example that can be used without modification for a first trial.

Trusted Package Creator will be used to setup this file using the DA_ConfigWithPassword.xml as input located in Projects\STM32H573I-DK\ROT_Provisioning\DA\Config path.

Security Path Config DA fleches.png

In this case Trustzone is disabled which means that configuration is based on password. You have the possibility to update the password at this step if you want.

To generate a customized configuration file, proceed as follows:

  • Open Trusted Package Creator and select H5
  • Open Obkey tab
  • Select the DA_ConfigWithPassword.xml file
  • Update the password if needeed
  • Generate the file :Security GenerateOBKeyIcon.png
  • Two files are generated :
    • DA_ConfigWithPassword.obk in Projects\STM32H573I-DK\ROT_Provisioning\DA\Binary folder for provisioning
    • password.bin in Projects\STM32H573I-DK\ROT_Provisioning\DA\Config folder used to open the DA access for regression

You get the success message:

SECURITY DA Config password success creation.png

2.2. Step 2 :Option Bytes programming

Go back to provisioning script window and press a key to continue procedure. The script will proceed with the option byte programming :

  • remove all protections
  • Erase User Flash
SECURITY PROVISIONING Script OB programming.png

2.3. Step 3 :Code image generation and flashing

Once OB successful programmed the script ask to flash your application :

Warning white.png Warning
Don’t close the provisioning script window !

Don’t disconnect the board and follow instructions in next slides!

SECURITY PROVISIONING Script Image Flashing.png

For this example, we use GPIO_IOToggle application located in STM32Cube_FW_H5 Once the firmware downloaded the Leds will blink.

SECURITY Code example Path.png
  • Open the Project.eww located in the EWARM directory :


  • Perform: Project -> Rebuild all
Security IAR RebuildAll.png
  • Once project correctly builded, connect the board and select Project->Download->Download active application
Security IAR Download active app.png
  • Reset the board (black button) ant leds must now blink
  • Go back to provisioning script window and press a key to continue procedure
  • Follow the script and choose the product state (PROVISIONED or CLOSED)
Warning white.png Warning
Reminder that LOCKED is a definitive product step that can’t be changed anymore.

Make a first trial setting the product in CLOSED state : the installed code must run and the led blink.


3. DA Step by step : Full regression

  • A full regression will erase the user stored contents and secrets.
    • Erase the user flash content
    • Set the product in open state
  • If the product is in Open state, a full regression is not needed since the device is not secured and changes can be done without any authentication. In case the regression script is executed, it will indicate some errors
  • If the product is not in Open state, the only way to change the product state is to first do a full regression

3.1. Full regression using script (included in the STM32CubeFW)

The regression can be done using the provided script or using CubeProgrammer

To preform a full regression

  • Launch the regression script
Security PATH Regression Script with F.png

  • “The Trustzone feature is enabled?” answer “No”
  • If the regression has succeeded the following message should be displayed :Security DA Success Message.png
  • Connect STM32CubeProgrammer. Check that the flash content is well erased and that the option bytes and product state are at default values.

3.2. Full regression using STM32CubeProgrammer

  • Disconnect STM32CubeProgrammer
  • Redo the exercise starting at step1, set the “closed” state
  • Click Security DA ICON STM32CubeProgrammer.png in CubeProgrammer and select “Debug Authentication”
  • Click “Discover” the information window will be filled
SECURITY Discover Display State Closed with password 2.png
  • Enter the password.bin file located in ROT_Provisioning\DA\Config
SECURITY Full regression with Pwd CubeProgrammer.png
  • Click Full regression and you have the Success Message :
SECURITY DA Success Message w CubeProgrammer debug reopen.png
  • Check with CubeProgrammer that the flash content is well erased and that the product state and option bytes are at default values thanks ST link SWD.

4. References