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1. F.A.Q.

Questions Answers
How do I start? Read this wiki article and the user manuals (UM2567 to get started, and UM2426 for detailed explanations).
How do I connect the board? See Hardware setup page on this wiki.
How do I know if the cellular application is up and running? Use the trace on Tera Term see the Echo exchanges.
Nothing is displayed in Tera Term. Ensure that Tera Term options (such as Baud rate) are correctly set.
Wrong echo in Tera Term during setup. Ensure that Tera Term options (such as New-line and Transmit delay) are correctly set.
X-CUBE-CELLULAR boots but there is an issue with the network. Check that the correct SIM is selected (plastic SIM or soldered UICC).
EMnify activation for P-L496E-CELL02 This feature has expired, use plastic SIM instead.
Why is X-CUBE-CELLULAR not operational after boot? There are multiple possibilities: the selected firmware does not correspond to the modem used, the SIM card used is not valid on the available network, the modem firmware version release note, too many bands selected and parsed by the modem (see UM2567).
How do I know if the cellular data service is operational? Cellular operational after Trace displays -----> State : CST_MODEM_DATA_READY_STATE <----- and/or Network is up is displayed.
What is the modem FW version? If you use different modem firmware to that those used in tests, you might have discrepancies. Read carefully the modems release note for detailed information. The modem FW version is displayed at boot.
GM01Q or GMS01Q? Both are Monarch modem from Sequans. GMS01Q is the same as GM01Q, but also includes an iSIM, pre-loaded with a SIM profile to allow connectivity without using an external plastic SIM.
Is the boot process is correctly applied? Check appropriate (concerning used hardware setup) chapter on Hardware setup page on this wiki.
Why entering commands in cmd line through terminal could generate issues? Commands could be entered manually or using a copy/paste. In copy/paste case, commands have to be pasted the one after the other. By copying/pasting multiple commands without waiting that the FW is ready to receive could lead to errors. For example after “cst targetstate off” command, wait for MODEM_INIT_EVENT event (could last few sec), then paste next commands the one after the other “cst apnuser on” and then “cst apnconf [<apn> [<cid> [<username> <password>]]]”