Wayland Weston troubleshooting grid

Some typical issues related to the Wayland / Weston framework are listed below. Solutions or debugging methods are proposed for these issues.

If your issue is not listed, try also looking in the articles in the Wayland/Weston or troubleshooting grids categories.

Symptom Resolution
[11380.091100] reserved_mem_unmap_user: vm_munmap failed
eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error: 0x3003
Error: eglCreateWindowSurface failed with error: 0x3003
Error: CanvasGeneric: Invalid EGL state
Error: main: Could not initialize canvas
[11380.091100] reserved_mem_unmap_user: vm_munmap failed
has EGL_EXT_buffer_age and EGL_EXT_swap_buffers_with_damage
weston-simple-egl: ../git/clients/simple-egl.c:440: create_surface: 
  Assertion `ret == EGL_TRUE' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)
has EGL_EXT_buffer_age and EGL_EXT_swap_buffers_with_damage
Segmentation fault (core dumped) 

Weston is using pixman software composition instead of GPU hardware composition. This may be because you have not accepted the EULA at the beginning of the build...

 cat /etc/default/weston

Please comment the content of the file /etc/default/weston or delete it.

 systemctl stop Weston@root.service
Failed to stop Weston.service: Unit Weston.service not loaded.

Please remove the capital letter in the word Weston. The correct command is

 systemctl restart weston@root.service
 systemctl stop weston
Failed to stop weston.service: Unit weston.service not loaded.

Please use the full Weston service name "weston@root.service". The correct command is

 systemctl stop weston@root.service

Note: You can list all systemctl services with the command

 systemctl list-units
 weston-image mypicture.bmp
mypicture.bmp: unrecognized file header 0x42 0x4d 0x1e 0x51

"weston-image" small application supports only jpeg, png and webp image files. Please convert your ".bmp" image file into one of these supported image file formats.

Note: The official source code of "weston-image" is in the file image.c and the related error message is in image-loader.c.