Platform configuration overview

The platform configuration category contains two sub-categories:

  • The STM32MP15 platform configuration category is about all the peripherals (MPU and board related) that should be configured by software to make it running on a board:
    • the STM32MP15 clock tree ensures that all the peripherals receive clocks with characteristics compatible with the specification (frequency, duty cycle, precision) on each ST board,
    • the STM32MP15 Flash mapping shows the mapping used in STM32 MPU Embedded Software distribution for ST boards, that can be used as starting point in other boards,
    • the STM32MP15 RAM mapping allows to see how STM32 MPU Embedded Software distribution maps the various software memory needs in internal and external volatile memories,
    • the STM32MP15 backup registers article shows which backup registers are used for system aspects in STM32 MPU Embedded Software distribution and so, which ones remain free for the application needs,
    • the STM32MP15 device tree shows how the device tree files for STM32MP15 are organized for Linux, U-Boot and TF-A but also how they are organized when they are generated from STM32CubeMX,
  • The device tree configuration category gathers the description of the device tree bindings for all STMicroelectronics internal peripherals, that are listed in STM32MP15 peripherals overview article for STM32MP15.