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This page aims to provide link to the flagship/latest wiki.
Each ecosystem releases flow has its corresponding wiki.

An ecosystem release flow designates all the ecosystem releases which are based on the same versions of the major software components (e.g. Linux® kernel) of the OpenSTLinux distribution (see details in the below table).
Each vx flow groups together all the vx.y.z ecosystem releases, and has its own wiki.

The most recent flow is associated with the flagship/latest wiki (whose URL is ""), while the previous flows are associated with archived wikis (whose URLs are "").

This current wiki is a wiki archived for the v2 flow (v2.y.z ecosystem releases): if you need information about this ecosystem releases flow, continue browsing this wiki.

However, if you discover the STM32 Arm® Cortex®-based MPUs, it is highly recommended to browse the flagship/latest wiki that contains the latest major ecosystem release:

STM32 MPU wiki by ST.png
STM32 MPU flagship/latest wiki for the v5.y.z ecosystem releases

Wikis and software components
Wiki Major ecosystem releases Major software components (OpenSTLinux distribution)
Latest wiki - Wiki for the v5 flow

v5.0.0 (July 2023)

Linux® kernel v6.1 (LTS)
U-Boot v2022.10
TF-A v2.8
OP-TEE v3.19.0
OpenEmbedded v4.2 (Mickledore)

This wiki- Wiki for the v2 flow

Those releases are now deprecated

Linux® kernel v5.4 (LTS)
U-Boot v2020.01
TF-A v2.2
OP-TEE v3.9.0
OpenEmbedded v3.1 (Dunfell)