How to use the STM32CubeIDE target status

1 Introduction[edit]

Two modes are proposed to debug MCU (Cortex-M based) firmware:

Engineering mode dedicated to preliminary Cortex-M debug, it implies a specific Boot Mode: the Engineering boot where Cortex-M only is started and its firmware is loaded via JTAG/SWD into dedicated RAM.

Production mode targeting product, it means to use Cortex-A Linux running on MPU in order to load the Cortex-M Firmware to debug. In that case boot mode is normal mode.

In order to manage the various states of MPU target, a dedicated Target Status widget is available on the bottom right side of the IDE. It is detecting console, booted target (Linux prompt) and gives the IP address.

In the production mode, a status light in the bottom right of the STM32CubeIDE window provides information regarding the current status of the connection between the computer and the embedded Linux® system. This widget can be intrusive since it is based onto console detection in order to discover STM32MP target and get their IP status. The console resource cannot be shared with another application.

Info white.png Information
The serial console is a shared resource and the target widget status has the lowest priority. If there is an active console view for the serial port, this prevents further target status updates until the serial port is disconnected from the view.

2 Right-click menu[edit]

This menu is available by right clicking onto the widget. It provides:

  • Start/stop & IP address copy services
  • Short cut access to Preferences management and Serial Console
Right click menu for tsw

3 Preferences[edit]

In order to set visibility and pooling frequency of the widget visit the Preferences menu.

Preferences menu

4 Target status[edit]

Status light Icon Description
Black widget status
The light completely off meants that the widget is disabled.
Red widget status
Indicated that there is no connection to the target, or the USB cable to the ST-Link is removed.
Yellow widget target status
Indicates a dysfunction such as:
  1. No network connection between the computer and the MPU.
  2. The console is opened.
Connection shown as busy
If booted into engineering mode no console is supported by the MPU target and status is shown as busy.

If this status is shown while in production mode after a board reset then the first boot stages do not support console.

Console detected, meaning Linux is booting
Console detected, meaning Linux is booting.
Prompt detected
Linux booted (prompt detected)
Connected and idle
Linux booted (prompt detected)
IP address detected
IP address detected