How to stop and start Weston

1 Starting, stopping and restarting Weston

Weston has its own systemd service (/lib/systemd/system/weston.service) to easily start, stop and restart Weston.

The following command stops the Weston service:

 systemctl stop weston@root.service

The following command starts the Weston service:

 systemctl start weston@root.service

The following command stops and then restarts the Weston service:

 systemctl restart weston@root.service

2 Preventing Weston from automatically starting on boot

2.1 Weston service with udev rules

The Weston service is automatically started on boot thanks to an udev rules file, most of the time located in /etc/udev/rules.d/*weston*, for instance /etc/udev/rules.d/71-weston-drm.rules.

To disable this service, rename this file (by changing its extension for instance), then restart your board.

To re-enable this service, rename this file according to the udev rules of your system.

2.2 Weston service with systemd and root user

During the development process, when udev rules are not fully configured, the Weston service can be automatically started on boot as specified in /lib/systemd/system/weston*.

In this case, the following command disables the automatic start of the Weston service:

 systemctl disable weston@root.service

Note: The following command enables the automatic start of the Weston service:

 systemctl enable weston@root.service