Display bridges hardware components

1 Article purpose[edit]

The purpose of this article is to:

  • List the display bridge hardware components that might be integrated in the different boards.
  • Link these components to the corresponding software framework(s).
  • Point to the appropriate component datasheets.
  • Explain, when necessary, how to configure these components.

2 Software frameworks[edit]

Domain Peripheral Software frameworks Comment

Visual Silab sil9022 DRM/KMS framework HDMI transmitter

3 Silab sil9022[edit]

The SiI9022A HDMI transmitter supports the HDMI® Specification on a wide range of mobile products.

For details and the datasheet please contact the SiI9022A HDMI transmitter provider.

3.1 Linux driver[edit]

Bindings: Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/bridge/sii902x.txt

Sources: drivers/gpu/drm/bridge/sii902x.c