How to launch glmark2 benchmark

1 Introduction[edit]

glmark2 is an OpenGL 2.0 and ES 2.0 benchmark, developed by Alexandros Frantzis and Jesse Barker. It is based on the original glmark benchmark by Ben Smith. extracted from The glmark2 official web site [1]

2 Installing glmark2[edit]

Warning white.png Warning
Glmark2 is under GPLV3 license, and thus not delivered inside any provided OpenSTLinux image.

2.1 Building glmark2[edit]

Execute the following command in the OpenSTLinux build environment:

 bitbake glmark2

2.2 Installing glmark2 on the target board[edit]

Execute the following command in the OpenSTLinux build environment:

 scp -r tmp*/work/*neon*/glmark2/*/image/* root@<ip address of board>:/
 scp tmp*/work/*neon*/libpng12/*/image/usr/lib/libpng*.so* root@<ip address of board>:/usr/lib/   # libpng12 may not be required depending on the glmark2 version
Info white.png Information
The size of the glmark2 files is around 60 Mbytes.

3 Using glmark2[edit]

Building glmark2 generates 2 binaries:

  • glmark2-es2-wayland, to launch glmark2 benchmark as a wayland client.
  • glmark2-es2-drm, to launch glmark2 benchmark as a native DRM/GBM openGLES application.

3.1 glmark2-es2-wayland[edit]

  • Start Weston (if not already started)
 systemctl start weston
  • Launch glmark2

3.2 glmark2-es2-drm[edit]

  • Stop Weston
 systemctl stop weston
  • The DRM display mode may need to be set and the DRM master token released so that glmark2 can use the DRM interfaces. This depends on the glmark2 version. For instance:
 modetest -s 27:720x1280 -d &

Note: The connector and the mode are given as an example.

  • Launch glmark2

4 Source code location[edit]

5 To go further[edit]

You can find the full documentation of glmark2 in the related Ubuntu man page

6 References[edit]