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1. Overview[edit source]

This stage explains how to install the STM32CubeMP2 package.

2. Install STM32CubeMP2 package[edit source]

  • The STM32CubeMP2 Package is delivered through an archive file named

  • Download and install the STM32CubeMP2 Package

The software package is provided AS IS, and by downloading it, you agree to be bound to the terms of the software license agreement (SLA0048). The detailed content licenses can be found here.

STM32MP2 Developer Package STM32CubeMP2 Package - v5.1.0 release
  • Go on to download the file.
cd <working directory path>/Developer-Package
  • Download the archive file in this directory
  • Uncompress the archive file to get the STM32CubeMP2 Package:
Release note

Details about the content of the STM32CubeMP2Package are available in the STM32CubeMP2/Release_Notes.html file.

Archive box.png If you are interested in older releases, please have a look into the section Archives.

  • The STM32CubeMP2 Package installation directory is in the <Developer Package installation directory> directory, and is named STM32Cube_FW_MP2_V1.0.0:
STM32Cube_FW_MP2_V1.0.0			STM32CubeMP2 Package: details in STM32CubeMP2 Package content article
├── Drivers
│   ├── BSP				BSP drivers for the supported STM32MP2 boards
│   │   └── [...]
│   ├── CMSIS
│   │   └── [...]
│   └── STM32MP2xx_HAL_Driver		HAL drivers for the supported STM32MP2 devices
│       └── [...]
├── _htmresc
│   └── [...]
├── Middlewares
│   └── [...]
├── package.xml
├── Projects
│   ├── STM32CubeProjectsList.html	List of examples and applications for STM32CubeMP2 Package
│   └── STM32MP257F-EV1			Set of examples and applications → STM32MP25 Evaluation boards
│       └── [...]
├── Release_Notes.html			Release note for STM32CubeMP2 Package
└── Utilities
    └── [...]

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