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Getting started/STM32MP1 boards/STM32MP135x-DK/Let's start/Unpack the STM32MP135x-DK boardGetting started/STM32MP1 boards/STM32MP135x-DK/Let's start/Populate the target and boot the imageGetting started/STM32MP1 boards/STM32MP135x-DK/Let's start/Execute basic commandsGetting started/STM32MP1 boards/STM32MP135x-DK/Let's start/Use the demo launcherLet s start.png

The STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit is a flexible and complete solution for evaluating the capabilities of STM32MP13 microprocessor devices.
This module explains the basic steps to control your STM32MP135x-DK More info green.png board.

Info white.png Information
To complete this module, it is assumed a Linux® PC running under Ubuntu® 22.04 or 20.04 is used.

Refer to PC prerequisites

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