How to add external nodes in the palette

This article explains how to add nodes in the palette of STM32CubeMonitor.

The Node-RED community offers more than 2500 modules on the website. According to customer applications, it could be useful to import modules in the STM32CubeMonitor palette.

First of all, node.js has to be installed on the device system. We recommend following the node js installation guide.

Node-RED uses the npm packet manager to install the new modules. If npm is not available on the computer, the menu to add external nodes is not available. Npm will be installed by installing node.js.

Users connected behind a proxy need to configure npm proxy before adding nodes.

When the installation of node js is done, the manage palette menu allows adding modules in the palette.

Open the menu and select manage palette.

Manage Palette menu

Select the "install" tab and choose the module to install

Choose module to install

then install the module

Installation ongoing

Finally, the new module is added at the end of the palette

A new menu added in the palette

It is possible to remove a module (or disable nodes) from the manage palette window.