STM32CubeIDE errata 1.16.x

1. Limitations

ID Summary
Authentication issue If you have encountered an authentication problem while using STM32CubeIDE, don't worry. You simply need to set your connection parameters. For more details see link below:
133183 Unable to debug using FreeRTOS aware with a J-LINK Ultra+ in STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1
138771 To start debugging in the NS zone when the product status is TZ-Closed for the STM32H5 using ST-Link GDBServer, add the following script to "Run Commands" in the debugging configuration.

set breakpoint always-inserted on

tbreak Reset_Handler monitor reset set breakpoint always-inserted off


For the "Reset & Restart" button to work: - Add the same script - Select "None" as the type.
143485 Post build commands are restored by using one of the following two options :

restore the post-build command by applying a "code generation" change the default behavior of the command "restore Defaults"

146043 On STM32H745 Cortex-M4 Dual Core  projects the pre-defined

breakpoint is maintained but not caught upon run

156539 If the user needs to set a proxy to be authenticated, a check for connection should be done: Windows > Preferences > STM32Cube > Firmware Updater and then Check Connection.
166245 When using the STM32CubeMP13 bare-metal firmware and activating Azure® RTOS

ThreadX, the STM32CubeIDE linker file must contain the following section to avoid compilation issues:

.stack  :

{ _stack_bottom = ABSOLUTE(.) ;

/* Allocate room for stack. This must be big enough for the IRQ, FIQ, and SYS stack if nested interrupts are enabled.*/ . = ALIGN(8) ; . += 32768 ; _sp = . - 16 ; _stack_top = ABSOLUTE(.) ; } >RAM

_end = .;

171852 The implemented toolchain is allocating to an enum type only as many bytes as it needs for the declared range of possible values.
174727 STM32CubeIDE cannot make the project build automatically after having changed the IP configuration, it cannot automatically control this configuration, the user needs to increase Flash size manually when needed depending on his configuration.
184938 When installing Ubuntu 24.04, the generic installer named needs be used, and the following libraries need to be manually installed:
  • libncursesw5
  • libncursesw5-dev
185280 Not possible to install two flavors of OpenSTLinux plugin 32-bit MP1 & 64-bit MP2

2. Fixed issues

ID Summary
153573 After a code generation,the project path "/CMSIS" is added in the project properties, but that path doesn't exist Which causes "Invalid project path" warning

message when building the project.

163129 On macOS 14.0 Sonoma we noticed this behavior
  • The "splash" screen during startup gets displayed upside down.
  • In the menu bar there is an added option as "NewApplication".
166245 when using the STM32CubeMP13 bare-metal firmware and activating Azure® RTOS ThreadX, the STM32CubeIDE linker file must contain the following section to avoid compilation issues:

.stack     :


_stack_bottom = ABSOLUTE(.) ;

/* Allocate room for stack. This must be big enough for the

IRQ, FIQ, and SYS stack if nested interrupts are


.   = ALIGN(8) ;

.   += 32768 ;

_sp =  . - 16 ;

_stack_top = ABSOLUTE(.) ;

} >RAM

_end = .;      

168716 In Order to debug an application project for STM32H7RS board, the debug config, startup tab and both elf files app.elf need to be added first and Boot.elf second.
169316 when building a project using GCC12 in STM32CubeIDE a new warning appears: elf has a LOAD segment with RWX permissions
175537 [H7S][Boot Path ]issue in postbuild
177978 Issue with STlink Firmware Update concerning boards with DFU v2 or older in version 3.14.5 of stlinkgdb server.
177999 Secure manager in Device configuration view generating linker file at each generation with one more line
180188 Instead of creating the project with the v1.5.1 SW Package, the download and install of v1.5.0 and v1.5.2 has been additionally triggered. The right firware needs to be changed manually under project manager in IOC.file
180624 [CubeIDE 1.15.1]New Project Window does not working after STM32CubeIDE Update

3. Known issues

The known issues are split into general, STM32CubeCLT, OS-specific, and target-specific issues.

3.1. General issues

ID Summary
59435 Having a space or non-ASCII character in the project/workspace path or installation path is not fully supported.
63624 Some STM32CubeMX pop-up dialogs are not opened in front of the STM32CubeIDE workbench on all OS's.
68184 Hierarchical projects cannot be imported with the option Copy into workspace.
68440 Hierarchical projects cannot be renamed.
89454 Restart configuration only works for flash memory projects and not for RAM projects. Program Counter register is not set correctly. Manual work-around: In Restart configuration, manually set PC to the ResetHandler() in RAM: set $pc = 0x20000xxx.
109764 FreeRTOS™ kernel-aware debugging: Full stack traces off all tasks do not work if configUSE_PORT_OPTIMISED_TASK_SELECTION 1
115928 Editing live expressions while target is running does not work with SEGGER J-Link.
124062- 152549 GCC-10 is more strict with respect to declaration of global variables in header files. Read the GCC-10 porting guide, so many warnings and errors result.
133183 STM32CubeIDE cannot debug using FreeRTOS aware with J-LINK.

Work-arounds, if: Reset strategy == Connect under reset, requires Initialization commands:

   info threads
   info threads
   thread 2

Work-arounds, if: Reset strategy == None (attach mode), requires Initialization commands:

   info threads
   info threads
   thread 2
156812 Missing string table in Build Analyzer while showing the bytes of the size of the ".rodata" section .
159507 Issues detected when updating STM32CubeIDE version from 1.9.0 to 1.13.1.
169316 When building an existing project, using GCC11 or GCC12, a warning should be noticed : “elf has a LOAD segment with RWX permissions”.

This warning highlights a vulnerability, to correct it and secure the data section, we suggest to update the linker files:

From this kind of section :

 .preinit_array :


 .preinit_array (READONLY) :

But it’s incompatible with GCC10 and earlier versions.

170279 Failure to compile embOS due to missing stack variable as a new section defining _stack_start__ and __stack_end__ in linker file need to be added in linker file once it is required by ThreadX.
186339 Error was found during fetching STM32MP2 update site. In order to overcome this issue, the following steps are required:

- For OpensTLinux STM32MP2 installing: go to preferences -> Install/Update -> Available Software Sites and update "OpenSTLinux Releases" url



- For OSTL MP1 install you need to keep the default url as is:

3.2. STM32CubeCLT issues

ID Summary
175176 Using the generic Linux installer, the libncurses must be installed independently.

3.3. OS-specific issues

3.3.1. Linux®

ID Summary
139617 The CAD view in the ioc-editor may not render. A restart of STM32CubeIDE is required.
185617 Due to an Eclipse issue, STM32CubeIDE on new Linux distribution such as Ubuntu 24.04 and Debian faced some performance issue linked to the limit value of allowed open files. Issue can be overcome by changing the limit of allowed open files using the following instructions:
  1. ulimit -n -H 4096
  2. /opt/stm32cubeide_1.1x.x/stm32cubeide &

3.4. Target-specific issues

3.4.1. STM32H7

ID Summary
73552 Serial Wire Viewer configuration is not reset for STM32H7 devices on the next launch if it was terminated with record active when using ST-LINK GDB server.
79658 ST-LINK GDB server reports being suspended on address: 0x05F0001 when debugging STM32H7 dual-core devices and the core under debug goes to sleep.
81763 OpenOCD does not support debugging STM32H7 dual-core devices when the core under debug goes to sleep.
175966 H7RS project on Ubuntu with ExtMemLoader context configured: Postbuild commands cannot be passed successfully when STM32CubeIDE is installed with sudo.


  • Installing STM32CubeIDE on Ubuntu but without sudo. (add execute permission to the installer then install it without sudo permissions).
  • If STM32CubeIDE was installed with sudo permission, postbuild command needs to be performed manually by passing the sudo permission first in command line.
184869 ThreadX should not be available on H7 single core, and the build will perform error when threadX is activated

3.4.2. STM32L5

ID Summary
152549 [L5][CodeGeneration] Error and warning during build

3.4.3. STM32MP1

ID Summary
73895 Debugging in production mode requires a network connection. If STM32CubeIDE is configured to use a network proxy, then the IP address of the STM32MP1 board needs to be added to the "Proxy bypass" list.
73896 The synchronization check between the IP-address entered in launch configuration and the IP-address of the target does not abort the launch in case of mismatch.

3.4.4. STM32WB0

ID Summary
180379 A false error could be detected on some BLE applications when is included some binary libraries.

The error should be: “missing .note.GNU-stack section implies executable stack” or “NOTE: This behaviour is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the linker


Use the linker option: -z noexecstack

More information:

184869 ThreadX should not be available on WB0 and the build will perform error when threadX is activated

3.4.5. STM32WBA

ID Summary
158985 “Connect Under Reset” is not working with STM32WBA.

4. Upgrades

ID Summary
SEGGER J-Link V7.96j
GCC12 binaries   v12.3.rel1.20240612-1315
OpenOCD v0.12.0+dev-00597-ga5a21219f (2024-06-03-11:04)
STM32CubeProgrammer 2.17.0
Make 4.4.1_st_20231030-1220
BusyBox 1.31.0.st_20240131-1810
Eclipse and CDT Eclipse 2023-12

CDT 11.4.0

ST-LINKGDBServer 7.8.0
STM32CubeMX 6.12.0