How to write a variable from flow

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It is possible to write a variable value directly from a flow or dashboard, without entering the value in "write panel" node. Here is a solution using standard nodes : A slider is used to set the value (but can be done by any node) then the “template” node formats the payload, and the change node set the topic.

Details :

stm32CubeMonitor slider.png

The template node : stm32CubeMonitor write msg.png

stm32CubeMonitor EditTemplateNode.png

The variable address and variable type must be filled here. For the type and address, the easiest way it to try first with a write panel and a debug node, and see the values. The Payload value from input will be inserted in the template. (the value to write)

The next node is a “change” node to set the topic to “write” stm32CubeMonitor SetTopic.png

stm32CubeMonitor EditChangeNode.png

The result :

stm32CubeMonitor SliderChart.png

When the slider is moved, the new value is written to g_constDouble