X-LINUX-AI OpenSTLinux Expansion Package - v5.0.0

1 X-LINUX-AI v5.0.0[edit]

Info white.png Information
This version is compatible with Yocto Project® build system Mickledore (v4.2) and has been validated against the OpenSTLinux ecosystem release v5.0.0 More info.png and validated on STM32MP1 series' boards More info green.png.

1.1 Contents[edit]

Warning white.png Warning
The face recognition binary is available on demand. Please contact the local STMicroelectronics support for more information about this application or send a request to edge.ai@st.com
  • Application support for the 720p, 480p, and 272p display configurations
  • New.png C++/Python application camera pipeline update to use GtkWaylandsink and achieve better performance
  • X-LINUX-AI SDK add-on extending the OpenSTLinux SDK with AI functionality to develop and build an AI application easily. The X-LINUX-AI SDK add-on provides support for all the above frameworks. It is available from the X-LINUX-AI product page

1.2 Validated hardware[edit]

As any software expansion package, the X-LINUX-AI is supported on all STM32MP1 series and it has been validated on the following boards:

  • STM32MP157F-DK2 More info green.png
  • STM32MP157F-EV1 More info green.png
  • STM32MP135F-DK More info green.png