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All along this Getting Started session, you have learned information on the STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution which is divided in 3 different packages.
You actually have walked step by step through 2 packages among the 3:

  • The Starter Package that allow to evaluate the board capabilities and run examples
  • The Developer Package that allow to modify the pieces of software delivered as source code (for example the Linux kernel...) and to add custom applications in the user space.

It exists a third one which is called the Distribution Package. It is the full environment that will allow you to create your own distribution for the STM32MP1.
To learn more about it, you can check the following articles:

Now it is your turn...
With the Development zone you will be able to find many more information about the STM32MP1 like peripherals overview, linux framework explanation, data sheets and lot of "How to".

Development zone

Development zone.

Enjoy digging into this great wiki tool !

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