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STM32MP13 Discovery kits - required material

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines

This article presents the mandatory and optional material needed for an STM32MP135x-DK More info green.png Discovery kit. It is valid for the STM32MP135F-DK Discovery kit More info green.png: the part numbers are specified in the STM32MP13 microprocessor part numbers article.

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For assistance with starting up the boards, it is recommended to go through the related Starter Package articles: Category:Starter Package


PC Linux® or Windows® operating systems. See PC prerequisites for more details on the required configurations.
STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit Flexible and complete development platform for the STM32MP135 microprocessor device including:
  • an MB1635 mother board
Power supply Including:
  • a USB Type-C® cable (included in the packaging)
  • a USB Type-C® charger (5 V, 3 A) (not included in the packaging)
microSD card Populated with OpenSTLinux distribution (Linux® software), and providing extra storage capacity. A 2-Gbyte minimum microSD card is needed.

Populated with STM32CubeMPU firmware, the microSD card can be used as external memory to populate firmware into board

USB Micro-B cable To connect the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit to the PC through the USB Micro-B (ST-LINK/V2-1) connector.
USB Type-C® cable To connect the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit to a USB OTG device through the USB Type-C® connector.


USB keyboard and mouse Through its USB Type-A connectors, the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit can be equipped with a full-size keyboard and mouse.
Ethernet cable To connect the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit to a network through the RJ45 connector.

Optional: It is possible to plug more devices and extension boards to the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit by means of its expansion connectors such as the GPIO expansion connector.