STM32MP135x-DK - board assembly

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines

This article explains how to assemble the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit. It is valid for the STM32MP135F-DK Discovery kit Warning.png: the part numbers are specified in the STM32MP13 microprocessor part numbers article.

Warning white.png Warning
To start the board successfully, it is recommended to go through the corresponding Starter Package article: Category:Starter Package

The STM32MP135F-DK Discovery kit Warning.png delivery is composed of the items listed below.

Position Description
1 MB1635 mother board
2 MB1723 camera module
3 Camera module flat cable
4 microSD™ card

Note that the STM32MP135F-DK Discovery kit Warning.png delivery does not contain a USB cable or a USB charger.

STM32MP135F-DK Discovery kit assembled.
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