STM32MP1 Developer Package - STM32CubeMP1 Package

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This article aims to give the following information:

  • How to download and install the latest STM32CubeMP1 Package for the STM32 microprocessor Series
  • Where to find the associated release note
  • Where to find the previous releases (archives)
Warning white.png Warning
To use efficiently this package, please go through the Developer Package article relative to your STM32 microprocessor Series: Category:Developer Package

1 STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v3.0.0 release[edit]

  • The STM32CubeMP1 Package is delivered through an archive file named unknown revision.

  • Download and install the STM32CubeMP1 Package


STM32MP1 Developer Package STM32CubeMP1 Package - v3.0.0 release

You need to be logged on before accessing the following link:
[unknown revision/unknown revision unknown revision]

 cd <working directory path>/Developer-Package
  • Download the archive file in this directory
  • Uncompress the archive file to get the STM32CubeMP1 Package:
 unzip unknown revision
Release note

Details about the content of the STM32CubeMP1 Package are available in the STM32Cube_FW_MP1_V1.4.0/Release_Notes.html file.

Archive box.png If you are interested in older releases, please have a look into the section Archives.

  • The STM32CubeMP1 Package installation directory is in the <Developer Package installation directory> directory, and is named STM32Cube_FW_MP1_V1.4.0:
unknown revision			STM32CubeMP1 Package: details in STM32CubeMP1 Package content article
├── Drivers
│   ├── BSP				BSP drivers for the supported STM32MP1 boards
│   │   └── [...]
│   ├── CMSIS
│   │   └── [...]
│   └── STM32MP1xx_HAL_Driver		HAL drivers for the supported STM32MP1 devices
│       └── [...]
├── _htmresc
│   └── [...]
├── Middlewares
│   └── [...]
├── package.xml
├── Projects
│   ├── STM32CubeProjectsList.html	List of examples and applications for STM32CubeMP1 Package
│   ├── STM32MP157C-DK2			Set of examples and applications → STM32MP15 Discovery kits
│   │   └── [...]
│   └── STM32MP157C-EV1			Set of examples and applications → STM32MP15 Evaluation boards
│       └── [...]
├── Release_Notes.html			Release note for STM32CubeMP1 Package
└── Utilities
    └── [...]

2 Archives Archive box.png[edit]

This wiki is for the v4 ecosystem releases. For information about the previous ecosystem releases, go through the Wiki archives.