STM32 Sniffer for BLE Troubleshooting

This article will enumerate some known problems and their solutions.

1. Unknown direction

It is a known limitation. Refer to the indication in the Direction column.

Direction column
Connectivity Sniffer Unknown Direction.png

If this column is not visible, check the ST BLE Sniffer profile installation.

2. No data after capture start

Check that the sniffer is on a primary advertising channel (37, 38 or 39).

3. Could not open port COM error

If the following message appears:

Could not open port COM error
Connectivity Sniffer Com Error.png

Close and re-open Wireshark.

If it's still not working, follow the Other cases procedure.

4. Sniffer interface do not appear

  • Check that the extcap plugin is installed.
  • Check that the sniffer stack is flashed and started.
  • Check that the sniffer application firmware is flashed.
  • Close the Wireshark, unplug and replug the board, reset the board, and re-open Wireshark.

5. Other cases

If the sniffer already worked and stop working or don’t restart:

  • Close Wireshark.
  • Unplug the board.
  • Plug the board.
  • Reset the board.
  • Re-open Wireshark.

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