1 Usage

The ReviewsComments template is used to store, in a page, a comment about the content (mainly, but not only, within the scope of the review process): question, disagreement, request for improvement etc. It should be added just before the line that is the object of the comment.

It puts a message box with a "pink notepad" icon in the page.

Only signed-up users who have writing permissions, can see this box. However, do not put any confidential information in the parameters of this template.

Usage:  {{ReviewsComments | <comment>}}

Where <comment> is the mandatory comment message. It is recommended that reviewers sign their comment with their name's trigram and the week number (e.g. JCT w920 -) in the comment message.

2 Basic examples

You type You get
Comment and signature supplied
{{ReviewsComments | JCT w920 - The proposed command doesn't work: please propose another version}}

3 More examples

You type You get
No comment supplied, no signature supplied
No comment supplied, signature supplied
{{ReviewsComments | JCT w920 -}}
Comment supplied with a long sentence, signature supplied
{{ReviewsComments | JCT w920 - The comment is a long sentence. Lorem ipsum: isdem diebus Apollinaris Domitiani gener, paulo ante agens palatii Caesaris curam, ad Mesopotamiam missus a socero per militares numeros immodice scrutabatur, an quaedam altiora meditantis iam Galli.}}

4 Code