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1. Usage

The ClonedFrom template is used to indicate that a page was not in the "approved" state, when it was cloned from another wiki (a.k.a. source wiki). Then, it is up to the editor to decide if the original page should be complete first (before modifying the cloned one), or if the modifications in the cloned page are independent of the completion of the original page.

It puts a message box with a "light blue copy" icon in the page.

Only logged-in users who have writing permissions, can see this box. However, do not put any confidential information in the parameters of this template.

Usage:  {{ClonedFrom | <source wiki>}}

Where <source wiki> is the mandatory name of the source wiki.

2. Basic examples

You type You get
ClonedFrom "stm32mpu"
{{ClonedFrom | stm32mpu}}

3. More examples

You type You get
No source wiki supplied

4. Code

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