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Development setup for STM32MPU Embedded Software

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

This article presents the recommended material for development on a host PC.

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To use this setup efficiently, we recommended reading the Developer Package or Distribution Package articles relative to your STM32 microprocessors series: Category:Developer Package or Category:Distribution Package

The recommended setup for the development PC (host) is specified in the following article: PC prerequisites.

Whatever the development platform (board) and development PC (host) used, the range of possible development setups is illustrated by the picture below.

Development setup for Developer and Distribution Packages

The following components are mandatory:

  • Host PC for cross-compilation and cross-debugging, installed as specified above
  • Board assembled and configured as specified in the associated Starter Package article
  • Mass storage device (for example, microSD card) to load and update the software images (binaries)

The following components are optional, but recommended:

  • A serial link between the host PC (through Terminal program) and the board for traces (even early boot traces), and access to the board from the remote PC (command lines)
  • An Ethernet link between the host PC and the board for cross-development and cross-debugging through a local network. This is an alternative or a complement to the serial (or USB) link
  • A display connected to the board, depending on the technologies available on the board: DSI LCD display, HDMI monitor (or TV) and so on
  • A mouse and a keyboard connected through USB ports

Additional optional components can be added by means of the connectivity capabilities of the board: cameras, displays, JTAG, sensors, actuators, and much more.