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Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

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This user guide aims at assisting developers to use STM32 MPUs microprocessor devices from STMicroelectronics, starting with the STM32MP1 series. [1].

This wiki contains many articles to discover the STM32MP1 series and associated ecosystems (STM32 boards, embedded software, development tools, trace & debug tools...).

New.png The STM32CubeMP13 MPU package ecosystem release is now available in this wiki. This is the first release of STM32CubeMPU package running on Arm® Cortex®-A7. Learn more on this new release by reading the STM32CubeMP13 ecosystem release note.

Still into this wiki, the STM32 MPU ecosystem release v5.0.0 is the first major release of the ecosystem-v5 flow.
Discover all the new features described in the STM32 MPU ecosystem release note or jump in using the Getting started zone.

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  1. [1]STM32MP1 series on st.com

1. Other STM32 wikis[edit source]

STM32 MCU wiki by ST.png
This user guide aims at assisting developers to use STM32 MCUs microcontroler devices from STMicroelectronics .