1 Usage

The MicroprocessorDevice template is used to indicate for which microprocessor device(s), an article part (chapter, paragraph, table...) is valid. Per default (i.e. if this template is not used), any part of an article is valid for all microprocessor devices for which the entire article is valid.

It outputs a "standardized" string that might be used to name an article part.

Usage: {{MicroprocessorDevice | device=<device> | security=<security>}}
  • <device> is the mandatory identifier that specify the class, the Series, the lines or the line.The possible values are:
    • Class: STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs
    • 1: STM32MP1 Series
      • 15: STM32MP15x lines
        • 151: STM32MP151 access line
        • 153: STM32MP153 foundation line
        • 157: STM32MP157 advanced line
  • <security> is the optional identifier (one letter) that specifies the security. The possible values are:
    • A: Basic
    • C: Secure boot and cryptography

Clicking on the More info.png icon displays the article about the microprocessor device lines (e.g. STM32MP15 microprocessor).

2 Basic examples

You type You get
STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=Class}}

STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs More info.png

STM32MP1 Series
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=1}}

STM32MP1 Series

STM32MP15x lines
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=15}}

STM32MP15x lines More info.png

STM32MP157 line
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=157}}

STM32MP157 line More info.png

STM32MP15x lines with basic security
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=15 | security=A}}

STM32MP15xA lines More info.png

STM32MP157 line with secure boot and cryptography
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=157 | security=C}}

STM32MP157C line More info.png

3 More examples

You type You get
Unspecified microprocessor device

STM32MP unknown microprocessor device

Security ignored for class
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=Class | security=A}}

STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs More info.png

Security ignored for Series
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=1 | security=A}}

STM32MP1 Series

Unknown Series
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=0}}

STM32MP0 unknown microprocessor device

Unknown lines
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=11}}

STM32MP11 unknown microprocessor device

Unknown line
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=154}}

STM32MP154 unknown microprocessor device

Unknown line
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=1531}}

STM32MP1531 unknown microprocessor device

Unknown security
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=15 | security=Z}}

unknown security STM32MP15xZ lines More info.png

Unknown line and security
{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=152 | security=Z}}

unknown security STM32MP152 unknown microprocessor device

Check that there's no space before and after the text
BEFORE{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=Class}}AFTER<br>
BEFORE{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=1}}AFTER<br>
BEFORE{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=15}}AFTER<br>
BEFORE{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=157}}AFTER<br>
BEFORE{{MicroprocessorDevice | device=15 | security=A}}AFTER

BEFORESTM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs More info.pngAFTER
BEFORESTM32MP15x lines More info.pngAFTER
BEFORESTM32MP157 line More info.pngAFTER
BEFORESTM32MP15xA lines More info.pngAFTER

4 Code

STM32MP unknown microprocessor device