1 Usage

The InternalInfo template is used to store, in a page, information that are restricted to STMicroelectronics employees (and therefore useless for any other reader): configurations specific to the STMicroelectronics network, links to internal resources (e.g. video files) etc.

It puts a message box with a "dark blue be.ST" icon in the page.

Only logged-in users who have writing permissions, can see this box. However, do not put any confidential information in the parameters of this template.

Usage:  {{InternalInfo | <message>}}

Where <message> is the mandatory internal info message.

2 Basic examples

You type You get
Internal info
{{InternalInfo | When connecting to the STMicroelectronics network, you have to execute these additional commands: ...}}

3 More examples

You type You get
No message supplied
Message supplied with a long sentence
{{InternalInfo | The message is a long sentence. Lorem ipsum: isdem diebus Apollinaris Domitiani gener, paulo ante agens palatii Caesaris curam, ad Mesopotamiam missus a socero per militares numeros immodice scrutabatur, an quaedam altiora meditantis iam Galli.}}
Check that the spaces before and after the message
BEFORE{{InternalInfo | Check spaces}}AFTER<br>
{{InternalInfo | Check spaces}}



4 Maintenance

This template is a template common to all ST wikis.
Modifications must be done into the WikiModel. They must be reviewed by all ST wikis maintainers.
When approved, the template can be pushed/merged towards all ST wikis.

5 Code