STM32MP13 resources - v4.0.0

This article lists all the documents that apply to the STM32MPU-Ecosystem-v4.0.0 release of the STM32MP13x lines Warning.png.

All the resources for the STM32MP1 Series are located in the Resources area of the STM32MP1 Series web page.

The resources below are referenced in some of the articles of this user guide.

Info white.png Information
The different STM32MP13 microprocessor part numbers available (with their corresponding internal peripherals, security options and packages) are described in the STM32MP13 microprocessor part numbers.
Warning white.png Warning
STM32MP13 documentation is available only for customers part of STM32MP13 ALPHA program. Access to teamspace private area is required.

Reference Name Link Version
Application notes
AN5474 Getting started with STM32MP13 Series hardware development AN5474 v0.8
AN5565 STM32MP13 lines using low-power modes AN5565 v0.6
AN5587 STM32MP13 lines and STPMIC1D integration on a wall adapter supply AN5587 v0.4
AN5827 STM32MP13 lines Return Material Analysis (RMA) state AN5827 v0.1
DS13483 STM32MP135C/F Datasheet (STM32MP135C/F)
DS13483 v0.6
DS13874 STM32MP135A/D Datasheet (STM32MP135A/D)
(non secure)
DS13874 v0.3
DS13875 STM32MP133C/F Datasheet (STM32MP133C/F)
DS13875 v0.3
DS13876 STM32MP133A/D Datasheet (STM32MP133A/D)
(non secure)
DS13876 v0.3
DS13877 STM32MP131C/F Datasheet (STM32MP131C/F)
DS13877 v0.3
DS13878 STM32MP131A/D Datasheet (STM32MP131A/D)
(non secure)
DS13878 v0.3
Errata sheets
ES0539 STM32MP13x device errata [1] v0.4
Reference manuals[1]
RM0475 STM32MP13x reference manual
(STM32MP135 advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MPUs)
[2] v0.5
Boards schematics
MB1635 schematics STM32MP135F-DK motherboard schematics
MB1635-B03 board schematics (Discovery kit)
[3] vB03
MB1723 schematics Camera daughterboard schematics
MB1723-D01 board schematics (Discovery kit)
[4] vD01
Boards user guides
UGDKMP13 STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kit user guide [5] v0.4
Tools user manuals

  1. 1.01.1 The part numbers are specified in STM32MP13 microprocessor part numbers