OP-TEE OTP PTA overview

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

This article gives information about the OTP framework in OP-TEE and the associated interfaces.

1 Framework purpose[edit]

The OP-TEE OTP PTA provides a generic interface for the device non-volatile OTP (one-time programmable) fuses.

It offers interfaces to read and/or write OTP data and status at Trusted Applications (TA) in secure world and at non-secure applications.

2 System overview[edit]

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2.1 Component description[edit]

  • NVMEM framework (kernel space)

The NVMEM framework in Linux® kernel provides sysfs interface and NVMEM API.

  • NVMEM drivers (kernel space)

Provider drivers such as BSEC Linux® driver that exposes OTP data to the core.

  • TEE framework (kernel space)

The TEE framework provides TEE client API to communicate with secure services, as the services provided by the OP-TEE Linux® driver.

  • OP-TEE (Secure)

The OP-TEE secure OS is running on the Cortex-A in secure mode and exposes secure service with Trusted Applications (TA), as BSEC PTA and NVMEM PTA.

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2.2 API description[edit]

The OTP interface is provided by two trusted applications (TA) in OP-TEE, accessible from the normal world with the GlobalPlatform API:

3 References[edit]

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