How to install Yocto SDK in STM32CubeIDE

This article explains the way STM32CubeIDE is managing Yocto SDK provided by OpenSTLinux.

1 Overview[edit]

From STM32CubeIDE release 1.4.0 on Linux host ONLY, STM32CubeIDE supports OpenSTLinux projects and its associated Yocto SDK. Inside STM32CubeIDE, this support means two new Eclipse plugins (SDK & Sources) to be installed, directly from embedded CA7 project menu context:

  • Setup OpenSTLinux
  • Import an OpenSTLinux Project...
OpenSTLinux Contextual Menu

Two flavors are proposed for installing Yocto SDK:

  • Yocto SDK is already installed on host workstation, typically after a download of the STM32MP1 OpenSTLinux Developer Package. In that case, only a setup is needed for STM32CubeIDE to use it.
  • Yocto SDK is not present on host workstation, it can be installed via STM32CubeIDE.

The choice is proposed after the Setup OpenSTLinux menu, selecting Use existing.

OpenSTLinux SDK Installation Menu

Note that setup OpenSTLinux phase includes also download and installation of OpenSTLinux Sources plugin.

2 Using already installed Yocto SDK[edit]

You have then to give the Yocto SDK Install Root Path in the STM32Cube Preferences.

OpenSTLinux SDK Manager

3 Installing Yocto SDK via STM32CubeIDE[edit]

This corresponds to the Download choice where OpenSTLinux SDK plugin is installed. Note that missing of OpenSTLinux required packages will lead to unpredictable Yocto SDK usage...

Warning.png OpenSTLinux development requires specific packages on host workstation. See PC_prerequisites.

It is then possible to install Yocto SDK as:

  • external, on host workstation disk, outside STM32CubeIDE scope; Yocto SDK removal is under final user responsibility
  • embedded inside the STM32CubeIDE; Yocto SDK removal is managed by STM32CubeIDE via plugin OpenSTLinux SDK

OpenSTLinux SDK Install Location

After accepting unsigned content installation warning, the Yocto SDK installation script is then launched and appears in a STM32CubeIDE console.

Installation Security Warning
OSTL SDK Install Script