STM32 MPUs Community FAQ

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Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

This article provides links to FAQs available in the STM32 MPU community. This is only a selection of the most frequent FAQs. Complete lists of questions asked about STM32 MPUs can be found on the ST Community Site

1. BSP configuration[edit source]

FAQ: STM32MP1 Bring-up procedure

FAQ: STM32MP1 Bring-up troubleshooting guide

FAQ : STM32MP1 How to configure Ethernet PHY Clocks

FAQ: STM32MP1 how to setup the SDMMC_CK clock frequency in Linux

FAQ : STM32MP1 STM32CubeProgrammer USB reconnect error at STM32MP1 boot device flashing

FAQ: STM32MP1 How to get initialized a 'generic GPIO' (to control a LED) with a pull-up/pull down ?

2. System[edit source]

FAQ: STM32MP1 Security overview

FAQ : Possible display resolutions for STM32MP1

FAQ: STM32MP1 low-power management documentation

3. PCB design[edit source]

FAQ: STM32MP15 Tips for schematics review

FAQ: STM32MP1 What ST offers to make a PCB design that ensures signal integrity ?

FAQ: STM32MP1 different power distribution for your application ?

FAQ: STM32MP1 how to validate the STM32MP1 DRAM connection on PCB DDR test suite?

4. Advanced[edit source]

FAQ: STM32MP1 Low-power management documentation

How to use Edimax EW-7811un-V2 WiFi dongle on STM32MP157A-DK1 Discovery Board ?

5. Ecosystem[edit source]

FAQ: STM32MP1 Which OpenSTLinux Release should be used?

FAQ: STM32MP1 How to migrate STM32CubeMx project from an old ecosystem to a new one

FAQ: STM32MP1 - How to create a device tree adapted to your design with STM32CubeMx ?

FAQ: STM32MP1 - Workshop MOOC - Virtual machine with latest OpenSTLinux

FAQ: STM32MP1 is there example of FreeRTOS and OpenAMP integration ?

FAQ: STM32MP1 what graphical stack and IDEs are available