STM32MP1 Developer Package - TF-A

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This article aims to give the following information:

  • How to download and install the latest TF-A for the STM32 microprocessor Series
  • Where to find the associated release note
  • Where to find the previous releases (archives)
Warning.png To use efficiently this package, please go through the Developer Package article relative to your STM32 microprocessor Series: Category:Developer Package

STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.0.0 release[edit]

  • The STM32MP1 TF-A is delivered through a tarball file named
    • en.SOURCES-tf-a-stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20.tar.xz for STM32MP157C-EV1 and STM32MP157X-DKX boards

  • Download and install the STM32MP1 TF-A
By downloading this software package, you agree to be bound to the terms of the software license agreement (SLA). The detailed content licenses can be found here.
STM32MP1 Developer Package TF-A - STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.0.0 release

You need to be logged on before accessing the following link:

$ cd <working directory path>/Developer-Package
  • Download the tarball file in this directory
  • Uncompress the tarball file to get the TF-A (TF-A source code, ST patches...):
$ tar xvf en.SOURCES-tf-a-stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20.tar.xz

$ cd stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20/sources/arm-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi/tf-a-stm32mp-2.0-r0/
$ tar xvf v2.0.tar.gz
Release note

Details about the content of the TF-A are available in the associated STM32MP15 OpenSTLinux release note.

  • The TF-A installation directory is in the <Developer Package installation directory>/stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20/sources/arm-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi directory, and is named tf-a-stm32mp-<TF-A version>:
tf-a-stm32mp-2.0-r0          TF-A installation directory
├── [*].patch                ST patches to apply during the TF-A preparation (see next chapter)
├── arm-trusted-firmware-2.0 TF-A source code directory
├── Makefile.sdk             Makefile for the TF-A compilation
├── README.HOW_TO.txt        Helper file for TF-A management: reference for TF-A build
├── series                   List of all ST patches to apply
└── v2.0.tar.gz              Tarball file of the TF-A source code