STM32MP15 Discovery kits - starting for the first time

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This article aims to present how to configure and start for the first time a STM32MP15 Discovery kit that has just been flashed.

Warning.png For assistance with starting up the boards, it is recommended to go through the related Starter Package articles: Category:Starter Package

Now that the image is flashed on the STM32MP15 Discovery kit, let's finalize the system configuration:

  • Step 1: check the configuration of the switches
    • The figure below shows the position of the boot switches in order to boot from the microSD card.
  • Step 2: (optional) connect a USB keyboard and/or a USB mouse (not provided) using the USB type A ports (3 and 4)
  • Step 3: (optional) connect an Ethernet cable (not provided) to the dedicated connector (7)

STM32MP157X-DKX - board connections

  • Step 4: check that the microSD card is inserted into the dedicated slot (2)
  • Step 5: connect the provided power supply (5 V, 3 A) to the USB type C connector (8)
  • Step 6: (optional) connect the ST-LINK/V2-1 USB micro-B port (5) to a host PC that runs a Terminal program with ST-LINK/V2-1 virtual port (e.g. Minicom on Ubuntu Linux PC or Tera Term on Windows PC)
  • Step 7: (optional) connect a HDMI monitor (or TV) to the HDMI connector. This option is particularly useful for the STM32MP157X-DK1 Discovery kit that does not include any DSI display daughterboard


  • Step 8: press the reset button (6) to reset the board

The board boots and the system will be available after few seconds.