STM32CubeProgrammer release note

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STM32CubeProgrammer is the official STMicroelectronics tool to download firmware into STMicroelectronics boards.

1. STM32CubeProgrammer - Version 2.2.0[edit source]

STM32CubeProgrammer for Linux® host PC STM32CubeProgrammer for Windows® host PC

Version 2.2.0

Warning white.png Warning
On this page, the default version v2.2.1 is not compatible with STM32MP1 series. Before downloading the SetupSTM32CubeProgrammer, the right version (v2.2.0) must be explicitly selected by clicking on "Select version".
  • Download the archive file on your host PC in a temporary directory
  • Uncompress the archive file to get the STM32CubeProgrammer installers:


  • Execute the Linux installer, which guides you through the installation process.
  • The path to the STM32CubeProgrammer binary must be added to the PATH environment variable
    • either in each Terminal program in which the STM32CubeProgrammer binary needs to be used, using the following command:
export PATH=<my STM32CubeProgrammer install directory>/bin:$PATH
  • or once for all by creating a link to the STM32CubeProgrammer binary in a directory already present in PATH. For example, if "/home/bin" is in the PATH environment variable, run the following command:
ln -s <my STM32CubeProgrammer install directory>/bin/STM32_Programmer_CLI /home/bin/STM32_Programmer_CLI
  • Execute the Windows installer, which guides you through the installation process.
User manual
Detailed release note
  • Details about the content of this tool version are available from ST web site at Release Note .