STM32CubeMP1 licenses

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Applicable for STM32MP15x lines

Component License Copyright
CMSIS Apache License 2.0 Copyright (c) 2009-2017 ARM Limited. All rights reserved
STM32MP1xx CMSIS Apache License 2.0 ARM Limited - STMicroelectronics
STM32MP1xx HAL BSD-3-Clause STMicroelectronics
BSP STM32MP15xx_EVAL BSD-3-Clause STMicroelectronics
BSP STM32MP15xx_DISCO BSD-3-Clause STMicroelectronics
FreeRTOS kernel MIT Copyright (C) 2017, Inc. or its affiliates
OpenAMP_libmetal BSD-3-Clause Xilinx Inc. and Contributors
OpenAMP_open-amp BSD-3-Clause Xilinx Inc. and Contributors
ST Projects BSD-3-Clause STMicroelectronics
ResMgr_Utilities BSD-3-Clause STMicroelectronics

Archives Archive box.png[edit]

STM32MP15 release STM32CubeMP1 licenses
STM32CubeMP1 licenses before v1.5.0 STM32CubeMP1 licenses - v1.0.0