STM32MPU distribution for Android

The STM32MPU distribution for Android™ runs on Arm® Cortex®-A processors. It is a subset of the STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution for Android.

STM32MPU distribution for Android.png

It includes the following collection of software components:

  • The OpenSTLinux BSP that offers services for the application frameworks in the same context:
    • The boot chain based on TF-A and U-Boot.
    • The OP-TEE secure OS running on the Cortex-A core in Secure mode.
    • The Linux® kernel running on the Arm® Cortex®-A core in Non-secure mode.
  • Application frameworks that rely on the services provided by the OpenSTLinux BSP to provide specific functionalities (such as code libraries, APIs and tool sets) to ease the development of software applications:
    • OP-TEE application frameworks running in the secure OS user space (eg TEE Internal core API for the development of Trusted Applications (TA)).
    • Android application frameworks running in Linux OS user space (see AOSP[1] for more details).

The OpenSTLinux BSP for Android has some specificities:

  • The Linux kernel source is based on the Common Kernel available in AOSP[2].
  • The Linux kernel configuration is based on the reference configuration available in AOSP[3].

Android application frameworks are based on the AOSP platform manifest[4]. By default, one of the Google tags[5] is used as a reference.

The Google services (ex: Cast, Drive, Maps...) are neither embedded nor validated within this STM32MPU distribution for Android™.

1 How to get the software for this distribution?[edit]

The STM32MPU distribution for Android™ is available through the three Packages (Starter, Developer, and Distribution) of the STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution for Android.

2 References[edit]