STM32MP1 Developer Package - SDK

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This article aims to give the following information:

  • How to download and install the latest SDK for the STM32 microprocessor Series
  • Where to find the associated release note
  • Where to find the previous releases (archives)
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To use efficiently this SDK, please go through the Developer Package article relative to your STM32 microprocessor Series: Category:Developer Package

STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.0.0 release[edit]

  • The STM32MP1 SDK is delivered through a tarball file named : en.SDK-x86_64-stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20.tar.xz

  • Download and install the STM32MP1 SDK.
By downloading this software package, you agree to be bound to the terms of the software license agreement (SLA). The detailed content licenses can be found here
STM32MP1 Developer Package SDK - STM32MP15-Ecosystem-v1.0.0 release

You need to be logged on before accessing the following link:

  • Uncompress the tarball file to get the SDK installation script
$ tar xvf en.SDK-x86_64-stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20.tar.xz
  • If needed, change the permissions on the SDK installation script so that it is executable
$ chmod +x stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20/sdk/
  • Run the SDK installation script
    • Use the -d <SDK installation directory absolute path> option to specify the absolute path to the directory in which you want to install the SDK (<SDK installation directory>)
    • If you follow the proposition to organize the working directory, it means:
$ ./stm32mp1-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20/sdk/ -d <working directory absolute path>/Developer-Package/SDK
  • A successful installation outputs the following log:
ST OpenSTLinux - Weston - (A Yocto Project Based Distro) SDK installer version 2.4-openstlinux-4.19-thud-mp1-19-02-20
You are about to install the SDK to "<working directory absolute path>/Developer-Package/SDK". Proceed[Y/n]? Y
Extracting SDK.......................................................................................................done
Setting it up...done
SDK has been successfully set up and is ready to be used.
Each time you wish to use the SDK in a new shell session, you need to source the environment setup script e.g.
 $ . /<working directory absolute path>/Developer-Package/SDK/environment-setup-cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi
Release note

Details about the content of the SDK are available in the associated STM32MP15 ecosystem release note.

  • The SDK is in the <SDK installation directory>:
<SDK installation directory>                                                    SDK for OpenSTLinux distribution: details in Standard SDK directory structure article
├── environment-setup-cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi  Environment setup script for Developer Package
├── site-config-cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi
├── sysroots
│   ├── cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi                Target sysroot (libraries, headers, and symbols)
│   │   └── [...]
│   └── x86_64-openstlinux_weston_sdk-linux                                     Native sysroot (libraries, headers, and symbols)
│       └── [...]
└── version-cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-openstlinux_weston-linux-gnueabi