STM32MP15 Evaluation boards - getting started

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The STM32MP15 Evaluation boards (STM32MP157C-EV1) are high-end development platforms for STM32MP15 microprocessor devices.

This article gives links to the main articles relevant to starting with these boards.

1 Supported software distributions[edit]

Two software distributions are supported in these boards:

For each distribution, three software Packages are delivered : the Starter Package, the Developer Package, the Distribution Package.
Note that the Which Package better suits your needs article provides hints for choosing between these Packages.

These Packages provide you with the software packages (image, source code) and the tools that are needed to start using the STM32MP15 Evaluation boards.

ST logo.png STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution[1]
Starter Package Developer Package Distribution Package
  • to evaluate the board capabilities
  • to run examples
  • to modify the pieces of software delivered as source code in this Package (for example the Linux kernel...)
  • to add your own applications in the user space delivered as binary in this Package

Note: these developments require a host PC running the OpenSTLinux SDK, and optionally an IDE

  • to create your own distribution
Android logo.png STM32MPU Android Embedded Software distribution[2]
Starter Package Developer Package Distribution Package

2 Hardware description[edit]

The article linked below briefly describes the board, and helps to understand how to:

  • assemble the board
  • configure hardware jumpers and switches
  • connect the board to external material

It also contains a short introduction of the board hardware components and connectors.

Board description

STM32MP157C-EV1 - hardware description
STM32MP157C-EV1 - hardware description

3 References[edit]