STM32MP157x-EV1 - board assembly

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This article aims to present how to assemble the STM32MP157C-EV1 STM32MP15 Evaluation board.

Warning white.png Warning
To start efficiently the board, it's recommended to go through its Starter Package article: Category:Starter Package

The STM32MP15 Evaluation board package (STM32MP157C-EV1) includes all the items listed below.

File:STM32MP157C-EV1 split.png
Out of the STM32MP157C-EV1 box
Position Description
1 MB1262 motherboard
2 MB1263 daughterboard
3 MB1230 DSI 720p display
4 MB1379 daughterboard camera
5 microSD card
6 Power supply block (5V, 3A)

The following figures explain how to assemble these different items to get the STM32MP15 Evaluation board.

File:STM32MP157C-EV1 assembly.png
Evaluation board assembly
Board name: STM32MP157C-EV1
File:STM32MP157C-EV1 assembled.png
Evaluation board assembled
Board name: STM32MP157C-EV1